Behind The Brand

Behind H-Hour

Who we are:

We’re a veteran-owned company and we represent the type of person that stays active, enjoys the outdoors and can throw down one hell of a party. We originally threw around the idea as a small joke after a long weekend of making foggy memories and exploring the outdoors with friends and family. We’ve since grown H-Hour from that small idea to now sending out thousands of packages to our amazing like-minded customers all over North America. We like to call this like-mindedness the Mullet Mentality: a lifestyle that is business in the front and party in the back. 

How we do it:   

We’re the kind of people who love the outdoors no matter the activity we are doing. The ones who stay active but tear it up by the bonfire or at a party from time to time. Both being in the military, we have a work-hard play-harder mentality that has led H-Hour to explode in growth giving us the ability to expand into 3 main sectors to provide more value to our customers: 1) Off The Grid - for those wild adventures into the woods or a simple campout at your favourite spot;  2) H-Hour Active - It doesn't matter if you lift weights, run, or walk on your hands to stay active. This section is for you; 3) H-Hour Classic - for the good times spent with good people (and maybe a beer or two along the way!); 4) H-Hour’s Branded Box Subscription - for the people that want 1), 2), and 3) delivered hassle-free (coming soon!).   

Why we do it:

We love to give back to those who need it. This is why one of H-Hour’s main pillars is giving back to veterans. We donate to local and federal charities in order to help our fellow brothers and sisters in arms. This is how we adopted our slogan to show who we are and where we stand. We are Born Free & Raised Strong.