About Us

The Middle Ground Lives Here

Many people have preached balance in life before us; few have truly adopted it.

Gone are the days where you feel guilty about consuming beer as a post-workout drink. You shouldn't have to choose between the gym and cottage weekends. Welcome to the middle ground.

In the heart of Middle Ground country, we're all about the Mullet Mentality. Whether your business be squat PRs, counting carbs, or HIIT sessions, we still want to make sure you rock your party in the back. We support people who live for booty workouts and apple pies; who kill back day then enjoy bonfires; who do their cardio at 5:00am and have happy hour at 5:00pm. Our gear is made for people that can do both.

This company is owned and operated by two Army veterans who not only believe in the Mullet Mentality, but also believe in giving back. As such, a portion of every sale is donated back to veteran-support charities. In the past year we have worked with Adopt-A-Vet, Wounded Warriors, and Guitars For Vets. We have also been able to donate clothes directly to veterans in support of their own sports. Thank you for your support!