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*** Photos are examples of configurations but do not represent actual box choices***

The Mystery Bundle is more than just a subscription. It's like your birthday all year long but without getting wrinkles. This bundle is packed full with everything from our classics, new release items and--best of all--completely custom apparel that only you will own. So do away with your knitted shorts from that crazy aunt with too much time on her hands and get yourself a bit of mystery. Check out HOW IT WORKS for more details.

What the The Mystery Bundle offers:

- Average savings of 39% including shipping.

- Free Shipping.

- H-Hour classics, new releases, and or custom products.

- Become a part of our branding process.

- Get items before they launch.

- Don't worry about about choosing between going to work naked or in dirty clothes.

- Choose a plan that best suits you: Monthly, semi-monthly (every other month) and quarterly subscriptions available. 

-PLEASE NOTE: all mystery bundle subscriptions are sent on the 15th of the month following the month of purchase. For example, if you purchase your subscription on the 9th of May, your first bundle will be sent out on June 15th. If you want to get a bundle right away, you can purchase the single purchase bundle, which are shipped out within 7 days. 

Please note, if you select women's sizing, we may send out unisex sized items in your bundle. If we do, this unisex item will be sized one size smaller than the size you chose for your bundle. 


Customer Reviews

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Mystery Bundle
Mystery bundle

A bundle of joy! Great products and supporting a great cause.

Best Box I’ve gotten

My favourite box yet coffee cup is super nice and keeps coffee warm! Hoodie is so soft and cute and the toque is thick and keeps you warm

Love it

Love the mystery boxes, honestly it like getting a present because you have no idea what’s in it.
And I have never been disappointed with the box.

Worth it 100%

Love the products comfortable and good quality no regrets for sure !