Mike's Path To Power

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Mike's Path To Power

Here we will talk about anything and everything there is to do with life, training, failures, and accomplishments both on and off the bar. 

I have always wanted to lift weights for as long as I can remember. When I was a little kid I used to spend weekends with my dad watching “the World’s Strongest Man” competitions.  I admired their strength and work ethic; I knew getting stronger was for me.

My workout routine in high school consisted of 1RM bench press followed by bicep curls. Flash-forward a few years and things took a dramatic change. I joined the infantry when I was a 265lb butter ball who couldn’t do a single pull up - not a good start. But I quickly changed and never gave up. Come the end of basic training I was 225lbs and in much better shape. Once I got to my battalion, a few older guys in my unit took me under their wing and showed me how to lift properly. This got me on track for future successes. I started doing more circuit training and Crossfit-style workouts. My goal was to be in shape for my job as a reconnaissance patrolman.

After I failed off of my sniper course I went for a 21km run to think things over. I realized I hated running and decided that day to shift my focus onto getting stronger. It had always been a goal but not my number one priority. I left the infantry and became a firefighter. I still need some cardio for this job but not nearly as much, so this allows me to focus on powerlifting. Since transferring I have made dramatic progress on my lifts, helping me close in on my powerlifting goal of a 2000lbs raw total.

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