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H-Hour Safety board

That person who runs up hills during a relaxing hike is probably the same person who came up with saying white rabbit when you get campfire smoke in your eyes instead of moving.

Co-Founder H-Hour Apparel

All bonfires eventually burn out. So keep your clothes on around the fire, folks. No one likes a stumbling naked person first thing in the morning.

Your Future Self

The water at the base of a tree is not root beer so please don't mix it with your drink.

Your Stomach

What is Off The Grid?

Going off grid is more than sleeping under a log, hiding from a bear after you pet her cute cubs. It’s that feeling you get when you step into a place few people have explored and remains untouched by other humans. It’s nights full of foggy memories by the fire and days spent soaking up the sun by the water. So slap on some OTG gear and enjoy the outdoors. 

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H-Hour Around Canada

Um, I have a question.

For all of your questions please email us at info@hhourapparel.com